Form Swim Goggles Review: Fitness Tracking at the Pool

The onboard computer is in a small black box firmly attached to the side of one lens. It’s easy to ignore while swimming, and doesn’t look too odd or out of place, though the asymmetry can’t be missed. It has a two-button control setup: The front button is held down to power on or off, and it is used to select options, while the back button is used to toggle between those options. The buttons are a little difficult to press, though that may be to prevent accidental presses. The tech is waterproof up to 32 feet.

The display is fairly customizable. You can choose to display any two of the following metrics at a given time: total distance swum, length distance per stroke, length stroke rate, length stroke count, length counter, total calories, length pace per 100 meters, length/split time, or total time.

You can also see different information while you swim, rest, and each time you turn to do another lap. If you don’t want to see metrics the whole time you’re swimming, you can disable the swim screen, though you’ll still see numbers pop up when you turn and pause to rest. You can adjust the brightness as well, which is handy when switching between indoor and outdoor pools.

The goggles can hold a charge for 16 hours according to Form. I didn’t use them for quite that long, but the rate of battery decrease for how long I used them seems to be on track. Should you lose the unique magnetic USB charger cable, you will probably have to order a replacement from Form.
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The goggles use Bluetooth sync with an Android or iOS app, which you can use to analyze data or customize the goggles’ settings. Form only supports Android 8.0 (Oreo) and up, which is unfortunate for my 4-year-old LG G4, but I was still able to pair it with the goggles outside of the app—an effective workaround.


The app looks pretty slick. Swim data can be put into a list or table, colorfully plotted by time or distance, or placed in a SWOLF (“swim golf”?) plot that calculates your efficiency using speed and distance per stroke.

The app connects to Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Garmin Connect. It also has a social aspect to it, where users follow one another, trading likes and comments on workouts. Every workout can be tagged with a location and have a custom label. For those who prefer their swim data not be made available to the world, there are privacy settings for accounts or workouts.

It would be nice if you could manually edit workout entries. Being able to combine lengths in the app seems like a useful feature, especially depending on how effective their post-processing ends up being. For now, your stats are what they are. If you want a better time, try again.

Good Form

As someone who loves to play with timing and pace as I exercise, I really enjoyed the Form Swim Goggles and what they offer: unfettered real-time access to my workout times and stats. It was a novel and efficient way to obsess over my numbers. For the kind of professional athletes that treat their lap times like treasure, I imagine the benefits would be even greater.

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