Jony Ive’s Leaving Apple, Twitter’s Policing Politicians, and More News

Jony Ive—designer of the iPhone—is leaving Apple; Twitter is finally cracking down on politicians; and WIRED has a list of the best biking cities in the world. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

Jony Ive is leaving Apple

Apple’s chief designer—the man behind such iconic devices as the iPhone, iMac, and iPod, is leaving the company. It marks one of the biggest departures in the company’s history. “This just seems like a natural and gentle time to make this change,” said Ive, who is leaving to create LoveForm, a creative agency that will count Apple as its first client.

Twitter will finally quarantine politicians’ tweets if they violate the rules

In the past, Twitter has shied away from taking down politicians’ tweets—even if they violate the platform’s rules—because they deemed the messages “newsworthy.” That policy is finally changing. The next time it happens, the tweet will either be removed from the platform or grayed out with a limited reach, along with a warning that the user has run afoul of the platform’s policies.

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How hackers turn Microsoft Excel’s own features against it

Maybe you find Excel boring, but hackers think it’s pretty great: It’s simple, well-used, and easy to exploit. Hackers don’t have to get fancy to get into Excel either, they just use its own features—like Power Query and macros—against it. The more features and workarounds a program has, the more vulnerabilities it has, which makes some question why the program has some of these features at all.

Cocktail Conversation

If you’re a cyclist, you know not all cities are the same when it comes to bike-worthiness. The Copenhagenize Index, published biannually, evaluates “over 115 cities from around the world using 14 parameters that focus on ambition, culture, and streetscape design.” Number one on the list? Copenhagen. That’s followed by Amsterdam, Utrecht, Antwerp, and Strasbourg. Womp, womp for Americans: There’s not a single US city in the top 20.

Want to break out that bottle of wine, but don’t want to drink the whole thing right now? Well if you’ve got $9, this little guy will keep your wine fresh for days without all the complicated bells and whistles.

More News You Can Use

Desalination is booming as cities run out of water.

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